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Amaggi Cotton Traceability and Sustainability Program

We are the largest genuinely Brazilian company in the production and commercialization of grains and fibers, we contribute to the socio-economic development of the regions where we operate, and we offer, on a global scale, innovative and sustainable products and solutions, acting as the third largest cotton producer in the world.

We are always attentive to what the consumer society demands from the market and we realize that there is a consolidated concern with the origin of products, whatever those may be. Consequently, we developed the ACTS – AMAGGI Cotton Traceability and Sustainability Program.

The ACTS is a program that guarantees the responsible and sustainable origin of all cotton produced by AMAGGI. It identifies the entire chain involved in the production and processing of the fiber, in response to the consumer need to know where the product comes from and who exactly produced it.

From a QR Code found on the cotton bales, it is possible to track various information about the origin of the product. Traceability identifies, from the day of planting, the plot, the variety planted, all harvest data and processing.

In addition to traceability, through the ACTS, the client knows details of the farm where that cotton was planted, such as the native forest preservation area, the good agricultural practices adopted, the infrastructure offered to employees who live at the farm, and the life stories of those who are in contact with our cotton daily.


Development Opportunities

At AMAGGI, the cotton cultivation and processing as a second crop, right after the main harvest, made it even more possible to develop talents and guarantee permanent employment, stability and income throughout the year, thus ending the rotation and seasonality problems.

Moreover, cotton has allowed the region to develop, due to the presence of the cotton ginning industry, benefiting the entire local economy. Also, AMAGGI trains youngsters to work in several areas through the ‘Jovens Talentos’ Program (Young Talents). In addition to the internship program, the company is always offering courses and trainings to all the employees.

Rights and benefits guaranteed to all:

100% registered and with labor contracts, fair wage, weekly breaks and paid vacations

100% have access to extra benefits, such as private health insurance for employees and their families

100% of employees are trained in occupational safety, human rights standards and procedures, as well as the code of ethics

100% have access to food, transportation, medical care, rest and leisure structures

100% non-discriminatory treatment, equality promotion and freedom of association with unions

151 scholarships granted to employees in the last year


Cotton certified

100% of cotton produced by Itamarati farm is BCI certified, which guarantees a sustainable and socially responsible production, audited by third party.

Zero-deforestation Commitment

All farms owned by AMAGGI are committed to being deforestation and conversion-free. New expansions only occur over areas that have already been opened or degraded.

Area de preservação (2)
Area de preservação (5)

The André e Lucia Maggi Foundation (FALM) is a social institution with no economic purpose, responsible for managing AMAGGI’s Private Social Investment (ISP) actions, in the municipalities where the company operates.

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Track your bale

Track your bale

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